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Elan Bilişim

Elan Bilişim Elan Bilisim (Elan) serves Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) activities to the middle and large size companies and supports own customers in Turkey as a partner of Infor which is one of the biggest ERP providers in the World. Infor's ERP applications are the most comprehensive solution in the marketplace and provided the lowest total cost of ownership of all the solutions that reviewed by the well-known consultant companies, especially for production companies and implementations of these are carried out by Elan in Turkey.

Elan with own academicals works and R&D activities, is a distributor and producer of ERP software that providing significant contributions to the Turkish Industry and as a unique representative of the preparing Turkish localization of the Infor's products which have abilities and are big as covering all activities in a company. A lot of the biggest Turkish companies have established and are using these ERP systems since decades up to now. The support, maintenance and application development activities of these ERP systems are performing directly or being out-sourced by Elan.